Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First Post might as well have art!

I finally gave in! I made a blog and decided to celebrate by sharing some of my sketches that I don't think anyone's seen. Excuse the blandness of the page but I don't feel like addressing it right now, maybe when I'm procrastinating from some future assignment will I start to get around to it. All but the last one on this post are from my sketchbook or at least not drawn with much intent other than getting the kinks out of the hand. The last image is for the monthly contest held by Sketch Theater whom reward 1st-4th place with prizes such as instructional Gnomon Dvds (which are invaluable for the aspiring concept/entertainment artist) of your choice as well as Sketch Theater t-shirts, with first two positions getting both and 3rd and 4th getting just t-shirts. The theme was Alien Salesman, so I drew some conjoined alien siblings selling their wares to the local populace. The rendering isn't that great cause I just had computer paper, a mechanical pencil, and this cheap pencil that's almost as old as me that can only go as dark as an HB. It was the first time having fun drawing since winter break for a while, also my participation was also stimulated by my new epson scanner. It finally replaced my crappy all-in-one hp that was purchased at the beginning of college. The images would get cut up into pieces and be of poor quality, just horrible bizness it was. Anyways I hope to be posting more in the future (this is kinda fun), school's coming back into session and I've got to get super serial!

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