Thursday, June 16, 2011

Young Female Protagonists

I've been in a small artistic slump lately. My Griffin and OH_807 projects are going at a snail's pace and I'm getting job rejections left and right both art/non-art related, understandable right? I was perusing Craigslist, and I happened upon a Children's Illustration gig that was interesting and might be fun --- if I qualify of course. I hardly have any "finished" pieces of the sort, let alone single digit-aged female protagonists that engender an edifying narrative. To break my slump I tried using traditional media as a final means of execution as opposed to it be just being a preliminary step on my latest Griffin concept. Check it out if you haven't already, it's a bust of the Griffin in the story done in gouache, watercolor, ink, and pencil. There's something about sketching on paper that grounds your concepts better than on a screen.

For the sake of having a tangible original in case someone wants to buy it, I'm doing all of my work to a fairly polished degree on illustration board or paper. An unfortunate con in the market of digital image making is its value is reduced to almost nothing unless you only have a limited run of prints of the image.  If nothing comes from this 180* art direction, I'll have three cute images for a Children's Illustration portfolio. In the couple hours I was on a productive role, I came up with three types of girls; a tomboy (with the overalls and baseball and bat), a fun/energetic type (swim attire), and a sort of subdued type of protagonist where her problem is like losing their favorite ribbon. If my discipline holds out, I'll finish them sometime tomorrow, hold me to it! Until next time --- adieu!

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